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Why choose us?

At St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School Marrickville, we are an inclusive and multiculturally diverse community that partners closely with parents, our parish and local organisations, with an aim to provide rich and authentic opportunities for students. Academic achievement is seamlessly interconnected with student wellbeing and creative and practical arts.

We live through our values and encourage students to be risk-takers and problem-solvers in contemporary learning environments. Sustainability is essential as we encourage children to be stewards of their environment and active contributors to their world. St Brigid’s provides the foundation for an exceptional K–12 pathway.

Principal’s Message

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School MarrickvilleThank you for choosing to find out more about St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School Marrickville. As principal of the school, I am passionate about developing students who are motivated, self-directed learners who thrive under the guidance of passionate and energetic teachers and school leadership team.

As Catholic educators, we provide opportunities for students to develop their faith. We work closely with our parish and pastor in our commitment to developing the Catholic identity of our students. Above all, we live as a collaborative community turning to God for guidance and strength, to give us courage in our decision-making and purpose in our work.

We are committed to living our school motto: ‘Alive in Christ’ through a focus on school values. The values of respect, love, peace, justice, compassion, hospitality and stewardship are evident in our practice, empowering students to make a difference in their world, building positive relationships and promoting high quality lifelong learning.

The staff at St Brigid’s ensure they provide learning experiences that are accessible to every child and give them the opportunity to grow. Learning is contemporary, engaging and taps into students’ intrinsic motivation for curiosity and wonder in the world around them. Student wellbeing and an absolute joy of learning are fundamental to student success at St Brigid’s.

We warmly invite you to come and see what our school vision looks like as we become Alive in our Faith, Alive in our Learning and Alive in our World.

Mrs Antonella Mazzucco

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School Marrickville

  • 1887 – The Good Samaritan Sisters began St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School Marrickville.
  • 1970’s – The Sisters provided leadership and administered the school until a lay principal was appointed.

Today St Brigid’s is one of 152 Schools administered by Sydney Catholic Schools. It continues to serve the local community, and takes its inspiration from the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition.

The school motto and title of the school song, ‘Alive In Christ’ is based on the words of St Irenaeus: ‘We are the glory of God when we are fully alive’.

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School MarrickvilleOur Mission
As a Catholic school founded in the tradition of St Brigid, the Good Samaritan Sisters and the Passionists, we are committed to being ‘Alive In Christ’ through:

  • Developing and celebrating the Catholic faith
  • Empowering students to make a difference in their world
  • Building positive relationships
  • Promoting quality lifelong learning.

Our Vision

To be ‘Alive in Christ’ by being dynamic in our Faith, our Learning and our World.

Our Values

  • Gospel values that enliven all aspects of school life; Love, Respect, Peace, Justice, Compassion, Hospitality and Stewardship
  • School processes that support and promote effective learning experiences
  • Innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Professional dedicated team that works in partnership to inspire and value learning
  • Quality resources and contemporary facilities that reflect environmental stewardship
  • Highly inclusive of our diverse community
  • Strategic process for school improvement informed by research and planned in consultation with the community.

Our Principles
Alive in our faith, our learning and our world is most effective when teachers, students and parents value learning. We achieve this through our three underlying principles: thinking, expectation and partnership.

St Brigid's Catholic Primary School MarrickvilleOur parish priest, Fr Erick Niyiragira cp., is very supportive of the school community and is actively involved in the sacramental program, liturgical celebrations and other special events in the life of the school. Father Erick has a strong commitment towards the spiritual development of the students, staff and parents.

Parish Priest
Fr. Erick Niyiragira, cp.

Mass Times
Monday-Friday: 6.45am, 9.00am and Wednesday: 7.00pm
Saturday: 7.30am, 5.00pm, 6.30pm (Vietnamese)
Sunday: 7.30am, 9.00am (Family and Children’s Mass), 10.30am (Multilingual), 4.30pm (Vietnamese), 6.00pm

Contact Details
A: 392 Marrickville Road Marrickville 2204
P: 02 8577 5670
E: parish@stbrigid.org.au
W: stbrigid.org.au

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Proudly Part of the Community of Sydney Catholic Schools

Our school is part of a system of 147 low-fee Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

Sydney Catholic Schools are thriving Catholic communities that ignite a love of Christ through excellent teaching and learning to empower students to reach their full potential.

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